Data Driven Specflow Testing

What is it? Specflow has a plugin called Specflow + Excel to allow you to hoard data in a spreadsheet and run tests using the data contained within. Example Download Specflow + Excel from Nuget into your solution. Write a normal looking Scenario Outline such as below and notice that there are no items in the example table and also […]

Gherkin DSL Overview

Gherkin is a Domain Specific Language for bridging the communication gap between “The Business” and “IT”. Feature for the software are written in English (or any other language for that matter) and then translated into actionable tests using a simple Given, When, But and Then. It has a simple format to follow, let’s have a look with an example.


Test Reports with Visual Studio, NUnit and Allure

Getting some decent test reporting can be painful when working with Visual Studio and particularly with MS Test as the framework as newer versions of Visual Studio don’t appear to produce a *.trx file anymore. Using NUnit we can generate some fancy graphs and stats using the Allure framework with NUnit. Firstly we need to download and install NUnit: […]

Structuring Projects with BDD, Specflow and Selenium in C#

Typically when I create a Specflow BDD solution, BDD elements are separated into Feature Files, Hooks, Step Definitions and Pages. These elements are separate folders or subsets of folders within the solution. Code begins with the feature files written in Gherkin, feature files contain Scenarios which themselves execute test cases. Sometimes a scenario is just one test case or can be […]