Selenium Builder Actions

There are some complex actions which may not be obvious how to do in Selenium but by leveraging the use of the builder actions we can add more user interactions into our scripts where needed. using OpenQA.Selenium.Interactions; So what can we do with this? Lets have a quick look at what is contained within and then have a look at an […]

Checking link status in C#

Sometimes you need to test an application that has external links or have the need to check links and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to physically visit these places and verify that something has loaded on it because it is way out of your control and that site could change at any given moment, making your tests flaky. One way […]

Browser Profiles with Selenium

I decided to write this article after someone asked about browser profiles with Selenium in the IRC channel. With Selenium we can specify a particular browser profile when instantiating our driver so if you happen to have specific browser setup requirements such as Firefox with certain plugins installed we can tell the driver to use this. Setup To begin with we […]